Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Song #3 On My MP3 Player: Old Empire by Nova Mob

I have a feeling that my less than stellar alphabetizing and organization of my MP3 player is driving my OCD and anal retentive readers nuts. Listed as '01-Old Empire' on my MP3 player, this song was the opening track to Nova Mob's 1994 eponymous release. Nova Mob was formed in 1989 by Grant Hart who was the drummer and co-lead singer of the post-punk band Husker Du until the late 80's when they disbanded.

Grant Hart and Bob Mould shared the lead vocals in Husker Du and there have been many debates regarding who was the better singer-songwriter. After the breakup there were debates regarding who had the better solo career. Mould's solo career has overshadowed Hart's, but Hart had some amazing solo work that has been ignored.

I'm a fan of Husker Du and of Mould and Hart's solo careers. Hart in my opinion has the ability to write some great pop-rock songs and that's why I have 'Old Empire' on my MP3 player. The Nova Mob album is very good, and 'Old Empire' will appeal to fans of alternative rock, especially fans of the Foo Fighters. Enjoy.

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