Thursday, July 25, 2013

Song #4 On My MP3 Player: Shoot Your Way To Freedom by Nova Mob

Listed as '02 - Shoot Your Way To Freedom', this track by Nova Mob is the fourth song on my MP3 player. Yesterday's song was 'Old Empire', which is the opening track to Nova Mob's eponymous 1994 album. I promise that my MP3 song list gets more organized as we go on in this series.

Nova Mob is a great rock album, and 'Shoot Your Way To Freedom' keeps the listener rockin' following a killer opening track. 'Shoot Your Way To Freedom' was added to my MP3 player because it's a damn good song that rocks. I'm not always in the mood for something flashy and songs like 'Shoot Your Way To Freedom' keep it simple, plus it has that catchy as hell chant of 'Shoot, shoot, shoot' added in for good measure.

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