Thursday, May 31, 2012

Mannish Boy by Muddy Waters

If you don't like the Blues then you can get out of my rock room! 

This is one of my blues favorites. Muddy Waters has recorded three versions of 'Mannish Boy'. The first was in 1955, the second was a rock version in 1968, and my favorite which is the third version recorded with Johnny Winter in 1977 for the album Hard Again.

I first heard the 1977 version of this song in the movie Better Off Dead. In case you forgot, the song is played when we see Lane's fully restored Camaro. Also, this song is featured in the mob classic Goodfellas.

There are many Blues classics out there, but this one is a real jam. Click the video below and enjoy Muddy Waters.

Want to purchase the album Hard Again from Amazon? Click here to buy it and thank me later.

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