Thursday, April 17, 2014

Thursday Under The Covers - Pavement Covers

This week I am looking for some cool Pavement covers, so let's see what's out there in YouTube Land.

1. Top Surprise 'Gold Sounds'.

This was the second selection on YouTube and Top Surprise is a band from Brazil. This is not a bad cover, but someone needs to tell the person working the camera that the female guitar player has a face. Just sayin.

2. 75th Season of the Ukulele 'Zurich is Stained'

Here is a cool video of a dad with his kids rocking out to a groovy track from Slanted and Enchanted. Spider-Man plays a mean harmonica.

3. Some people in a bathroom covering 'Range Life'

The bathroom is a great place to perform music, and I dig the use of light strands. This was excellent but Bonnie Raitt should have shown off her slide guitar skills.

4. Sofia City Sweetheart 'Trigger Cut'

Let's check out a cool acoustic version of 'Trigger Cut' from Slanted and Enchanted. The singer might be the love child of Zach Braff and David Brenner. Props for pulling of the dual vocal duty.

5. The Western Homes 'Father To A Sister Of A Thought'

This is my favorite Pavement song and it is from the awesome album Wowee Zowee. This cover is grittier and it is really good.

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